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Traumatic Injuries

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Image of tooth injuryWhen trauma occurs, such as a blow to the teeth, the teeth may be displaced, causing the vessels which nourish the pulp to become damaged. This can result in the need for endodontic treatment. A tooth that is fractured as a result of trauma may also require endodontic therapy. The dentist may reposition and stabilize the teeth by splinting them to the adjacent unaffected teeth. Root canal treatment is usually started within a week of the injury, and as the area heals the teeth will tighten in their sockets and return to normal function in most cases. If a tooth is completely knocked out, sometimes they can still be saved if kept moist and and the tooth is repositioned back into the socket as soon as possible. After splinting, the root canal procedure is done, and in many cases the tooth will re-integrate into the surrounding bone.

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