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Why see Dr. Tolwin?

With over 22 years of experience as an Endodontist in downtown  Chicago, Dr. Tolwin incorporates the latest in technological advances, such as microscopic surgery and digital radiography. But most importantly, Dr. Tolwin is dedicated to providing his patients with compassionate and pain free treatment. Aware of the negative reputation this procedure has, Dr. Tolwin strives to make your experience quick and painless, making you one of the many people who know that root canal treatment is not anything to stress about. 

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111 N. Wabash, Suite 2022
Chicago, IL 60602
P: 312-726-9666

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Monday – 9:00 to 4:00
Tuesday – 10:00 to 4:00
Wednesday – 8:00 to 4:00
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Friday – 8:00 to 4:00
Saturday – Closed
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